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Category: Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Advancing Health Equity Through R4H Medical Sample Transport Couriers

Blester Mwambira , R4H Sample Transport Courier transporting clinical results from Rumphi DH Laboratory to Chitimba Health Center

Joining R4H in January 2013 was my best career decision. My name is Blester Mwambira, I am based in Rumphi District, where I serve in two rural hospitals and 15 health centers.

Working with R4H has been an exciting experience, especially witnessing the fast healthcare logistics we provide. I am proud to testify that R4H has helped bring about Global Health Equity by ensuring timely healthcare service delivery reaches everyone, everywhere. Through R4H, I am a story of success in promoting access to quality healthcare across the globe.

From October– December 2023, I successfully executed the scheduled facility visits, maintaining normal turnaround – time (TAT) adherence with no breakdowns or sample rejections. The seamless collaboration between sample transport couriers, healthcare workers, and data clerks enhanced TAT adherence and results management. Despite challenges like riding in muddy roads due to heavy rains and fuel shortages, I am glad I overcame and I managed to serve my community efficiently.