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Well-managed Transport For Improved Health Care Delivery

About our organisation

R4H is a local NGO working to improve healthcare delivery in Africa. For over 7 years, we have been into healthcare logistics. Specifically, we have been transporting clinical Samples thereby increasing access to diagnostic services in Malawi. R4H is currently working in 790 health facilities from all the 28 mainland districts in Malawi. Through the on-going Sample Transportation program, clients (patients) no longer have to travel long distances to get tested instead their Samples are collected at the nearest health facility and transported to a testing Laboratory. Similarly, clients are able to collect Results at the very same nearest health facility.

Vehicle Management Service

This includes; Preventive maintenance, Training of vehicle users, Outreach maintenance & Long-term financial planning

Ongoing Contracted Services

This includes; Sample Transport, Supply chain distribution, Emergency referrals & Fleet management & maintenance

world class transport management services

Sample Transport Program

With funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other in-kind donations from Ministry of Health (MoH), R4H is operating the ST program in 28 districts of Malawi reaching a total of 790 health facilities comprising of Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM), Health Centers, Community Hospitals, District Hospitals and Central Hospitals.

The goal of the Sample Transport (ST) program is to increase access to diagnostic services in the targeted 28 districts of Malawi. The ST program ensures that samples collected from patients at health centers or hospitals are transported on a regularly-scheduled basis and in a professional, consistent, safe, and quality-controlled manner to designated laboratories. After testing, the results are promptly returned to the originating site, allowing for accelerated follow-up with individual patients. The service enables and supports improved diagnosis and monitoring, and in some cases initiation of treatment for patients. In Malawi, R4H has been implementing the Sample Transport program since 2013.

Fleet Management

Our expertise lies in managing vehicles for health transport across Malawi at a sustainable cost.

Outreach Healthcare

Using motorcycles managed by us, health workers are able to travel to visit their communities, however remote.

Sample Transport

Riders are experts in the safe and efficient delivery of bio-hazardous samples of infectious diseases for diagnosis.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Moving Global Health Forward

“To make the last mile the most important mile in health care delivery; creating efficient solutions for achieving truly equitable access to healthcare”

Moving Global Health Forward

“a world in which healthcare reaches everyone, everywhere”

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